(In a serious tone, so that those who will read becomes bored.)

This blog is my attempt to rekindle the flame and passion for writing. Back in my college days, writing came easy. Topics were overflowing and even with a typewriter I would dabble my fingers just satisfy my urge to describe the world through words. (I guess that came from the lack of talent in art. I can’t even draw a decent stickman.) Right now, my mind seems to in a drought. Topics to write about are becoming scarce. Ever since I entered lawschool, my mind was always careful not to be creative. During my first year I was having trouble writing my answers. Not that I don’t know or understand the subject; it was just that the way I wrote and expressed myself on paper does not conform with the rigid and “boxed” style of presenting answers law professors would usually appreciate.

During my years in writing with The Flame, form was not that strict. Creativity was a plus factor. The more you can express yourself in an artistic manner, the better. I guess the environment has something to do with it. Working with two Palanca Awardees gives you the drive to improve in the way of the words.

Writing was my lifeblood back then. I had some rackets which involved what I love. Students who were so lazy to do term papers were eager enough to pay me just to avoid the burden of researching and putting thoughts into words. But it was partly poignant because i know i had to part with a work and not get credit for it. What makes it harder is that after the person got his grade he will just keep the work and let dust eat away a portion of my time and travail.

I always thought that part of me who once loved the symphony of clacking keyboard already died when i began my plea to the State for my admission to the Bar. I was wrong. It was just covered by the piles of Court cases read, volumes of opinions of prominent legal personalities, and numerous Articles and Sections of different statutes that occupy my mind.   

Rekindling the flame of writing is a daunting task but not impossible. I can always fall in love with anything that I once loved. It is a delectation and a danger at the same time.