Last night I watched Serra v. St. Pierre 2, damn galing ni GSP! He executed his gameplan very well and caught Matt Serra baffled with his up and down tactic that the latter did not have time to adjust his game. It was a classic! I gotta find a DVD of UFC 83… GSP won via referee stoppage utilizing knee strikes to the body of matt serra. GSP has a wise ground and pound gameplan. His strikes are prelude to a pass or a submission. Unlike other mixed-martial artist who utilize the GnP game as the end itself to win the round or match. Also, GSP’s striking is a set-up for a takedown. The commentators (Mike Goldberg and Kenny “kenflo” Florian) hit the nail right on the head when they said that GSP is the epitome of a true mixed-martial artist. He really mixed things up and messed Matt’s face. The doubts are now erased! GSP is truly the number one in the welterweight division of UFC.